Scheduled Workflow (SWF.b) across-the-board CP clean up - Proposal

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1. Proposed Workitem: Scheduled Workflow (SWF.b) across-the-board CP clean-up Proposal

  • Proposal Editor: Teri Sippel Schmidt/Karos Health
  • Editor: several - distributed CPs evenly across committee members
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: Radiology

2. The Problem

I am hoping that everyone can agree that Scheduled Workflow (SWF.b) is, by far, the most commonly implemented profile in IHE Radiology.

During the 2014-2015 cycle the IHE Radiology Technical Committee made significant progress on CP reduction across all profiles, if the metric used is "high priority CPs". (ie., the Top Ten list). This is good.

However, the overall number of CPs has continued to increase.

There are now in the ballpark of 20 outstanding CPs for SWF and SWF.b, assuming that is the most implemented IHE Rad profile.

The TF maintenance work item will continue to take into account the "Top Ten CPs", but, to clean up SWF and get it up to date, I would propose that we set aside time to clean up SWF.b and get rid of this CP backlog as well. Many of those CPs are years old and just never make it to the top of the list. I would also propose that we reevaluate the CP editors and re-distribute the work for these CPs across committee members.

There are other profiles which have gained wide acceptance and implementation (eg., XDS-I), but those do not seem to have as many outstanding CPs, although perhaps a similar idea should be applied to several widely implemented profiles, not just SWF.b. Or, perhaps, pick one profile per year to completely clean up.

May want to move MIMA to SWF.b as part of this scope?

Value Statement: SWF.b is IHE Radiology's "bread and butter" profile. It is one of the few IHE Radiology profiles specifically named by the EU to be required. It should be clean.

3. Key Use Case

See profile.

4. Standards and Systems


5. Discussion

See section 2.