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Trial.gif Scanner Operator Scanner Operator OID

This ClinicalDocument/dataEnterer element shall represent the scanner operator who produced the scanned content. All subelements retain their original definition as defined by the HL7 CDA R2 specification, unless noted below.


See Templates using Scanner Operator

Scanner Operator Example
    <time value=“20050329224411+0500”/>
      <id extension=“22222222” root=“”/>

<templateId root='Scanner Operator OID'/>

The <templateId> element identifies this <dataEnterer> as the operator of scanner (device) and who executed the scanning of the original content into this document. The templateId shall have root="Scanner Operator OID".

The ClinicalDocument/dataEnterer/time shall denote the time at which the original content was scanned. This value shall be equal to that of ClinicalDocument/effectiveTime. At a minimum, the time shall be precise to the day and shall include the time zone offset from GMT.



The ClinicalDocument/dataEnterer/assignedEntity/id element shall be both the root and the extension attributes. The root shall be the oid of the scanning facility and the extension shall be an appropriately assigned, facility unique id of the operator.