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The Scheduled Workflow.b profile has been nominated for advancement to Final Text. (Advocate: Steve Nichols) Per the Final Text Process, Items in blue text below warrant Committee discussion.

Technical Committee Checklist

  • Are all significant CPs against the profile "closed"?
  • Steve to add
  • Are all significant CPs against the underlying standards "closed"?
  • Steve to add
  • Have all significant comments been CP'd or rejected?
  • Yes
  • Have all open issues listed in the Supplement been closed?
  • Steve to add
  • Have all significant issues at Connectathon been dealt with?
  • After checking with Lynn Felhofer, all connectathon issues have been addressed through CPs
  • See above
  • Has the Connectathon Project Manager been queried and significant issues addressed?
  • See above

Technical Committee Consensus

  • The Technical Committee agreed to continue with the Final Text Process and continue with an evaluation by the Planning Committee

Planning Committee Checklist

• Has the profile been through a Connectathon in at least two regions? • Has the profile been successfully tested with all actors at least at one Connectathon? • Have different implementations of each actor in the profile been tested? • Have all the options been tested successfully at at least one Connectathon? • Have the standards underlying the profile been implemented? In similar use cases? In healthcare? In general IT? • (Do you have concrete reason to believe that this works robustly in the Real World) / (Are any products available for purchase that implement the profile?) • Have all issues that may have been raised about the profile been resolved? • Has there been sufficient interest in the profile to generate a one-page overview of the profile