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1. Proposed Workitem: SWF-Image Exchange option

  • Proposal Editor: Chris Lindop
  • Editor: Chris Lindop
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: Radiology

2. The Problem

Scheduled workflow solves the interoperability and workflow for Radiology Departmental Imaging acquisition. It does not address interoperability and workflow when cross-enterprise actors are involved.

This proposal is to address this gap.

The valus is to allow for greater flexibility with enabling cross-eneterpise worflow.

3. Key Use Case

A clinical site recieves an XDS-MS referral for an imaging procedure. The clinical site captures specific information from this referral and creates an order. This order information needs to be communicated back to the refferral initiator.

An imaging department or organsisation creates an imaging procedure plan with serveral imaging procedure steps. This information may involve one or more institutions. This may be posted and linked to the original referral.

Each procedure step is a task that needs to be managed. They are as a minimum; assigned, scheduled, and performed. They would be associated with the originating procedure plan. They may or may not be completed in the same institition. The procedures steps could be as simple as 1) "acquire images" and 2) "read images" with specific clinical instructions. Each task should be posted and referenced to the original procedure plan and associated referral.

Once images are acquired for a procedure step, the task and the associated precedure step are complete, The images should be posted and reference the original procedure plan and referral.

Once the report is created and finalized, the task and associated procedure step (and possibly the procedure plan) are complete. The report should be posted and reference the images, the procedure plan and referral. in the are

4. Standards and Systems



XDS Care Plan




5. Discussion

What is described is currently being done today with non-standard components. SWF currently does not manage the attributes which could help facilitate the interoperability in a standards-based method. IHE

IHE needs to clearly work though the usecases to ensure better interoperability with Scheduled Workflow. For the other profiles, we may need create options to those profiles for better interoperability.