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1. Proposed Workitem: New Domain Host for SOLE: ITI

  • Proposal Editor: Chris Lindop, Neil Tenenholtz, Rob Horn, Brian Bialecki
ACR DSI Model API Standardization Effort

1. Summary

SOLE was profiled by IHE Radiology for trial implementation as part of the Radiology 2016-2017 Development Cycle. For the Radiology 2022-2023 Development Cycle, the ACR DSI Model API Standardization Effort submitted the proposal Enhanced SOLE for AI with the goal to address the complexity introduced by AI and distributed, cloud-native applications.

3. Use Cases beyond Imaging

While the SOLE use case development focused on Imaging workflow and performance analytics, SOLE is useful throughout the healthcare enterprise as these references suggest:

  • Data logging to support closed loop healthcare
  • Service-oriented Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (PCD whitepaper)
Note: PCD uses the term “logging” for capturing parameters from devices via HL7 observations

Discussion Notes

  • need powerful filtering
  • attributes such as ‘purpose of use’ can aid with event differentiation (Security, Operational Workflow, System Performance)
  • add the Context Tracing in this proposal
  • Does Radiology separate out a Radiology Option?