SOAWP Thesis, goals, audience

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IHE SOA White Paper

Thesis, goals, audience


  • Reader should understand how he can use IHE in his SOA design
  • Target audience: reasonably familiar with SOA and wants to use IHE profiles in SOA context, or someone familiar with IHE but wants to use SOA (have entry points for different audiences? Which audience is more important?) The paper will be successful if, when read by a SOA audience, the reader will welcome IHE. You want to start with where the reader is at.
  • Someone offered that it has in some circles been presented as a choice between an IHE approach and a SOA approach. One purpose of the white paper might be to show that these are not two conflicting paths but compatible and complementary approaches. This goes to our Section I.b. I additionally note from my read of the “Practical Guide” reference that SOA does not purport to guarantee interoperability. IHE does aim to guarantee interoperability. In conclusion, we hoped that the end result of the HSSP-IHE effort would be that people would “get” how to apply IHE and SOA to healthcare.

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