SOAWP Examples and Use Cases

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IHE SOA White Paper

Examples and Use Cases

  • Clinical care
  • Labs
  • HIE
  • Public Health


From the Wed 1/21 meeting...

Show how 1 use case is put together. Wouldn't use PIX/PDQ as an independent use case in the section 2 content in that case. 2 other suggestions for use cases:

  • Defining a greater service for document sharing that is not a 1:1 mapping to IHE profile, but composes a number of profiles. Not in the detail of an SFM, but conceptually.
  • Lot of work going on with Audit and Access control that is intending to marry SOA and IHE
    • ATNA may be too esoteric to be used as examples here.
    • Audit could be a good example, uses story of customer requesting a simple audit service to abstract the implementation to improve usability
  • Would like to ensure we don't discuss the HITSP service. Would like the examples to be concrete.

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