SOAWP Benefits of a combined SOA & IHE approach

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IHE SOA White Paper

Benefits of a combined SOA & IHE approach


  • If PIX and PDQ are read as profiles, there are 5 pages of functional description, very high level, and 95 pages giving every detail of every transaction. HSSP spends 95 pages on functional description and operation semantics, and 5 pages on what could happen on the wire – the latter may be barely described. Would PIX/PDQ V2 and V3 be identical (in terms of operation semantics)? Probably, however, the service is never described in IHE.
  • The point of this paper is to bring these two efforts together.
  • Facilitating responding to changes in business requirements
  • IHE takes what is constant out of the equation
  • Adding, replacing, reconfiguring services
  • SOA can include interoperability elements in its approach but does not deliver interoperability
  • SOA is an implementation approach

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