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The IHE PCD Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability (SDPi) White Paper provides background and proposals for the integration of IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) standards-based technology into the IHE PCD technical framework. SDC provides for interoperability "from the device interface" in high-acuity environments such as the operating room, intensive care unit and emergency room, providing for general plug-and-play connectivity, as well as device and application reporting, alerting and external control. Gateway capabilities are also addressed from SDC-enabled networks to hospital enterprise systems including EHRs, laboratory and imaging. The white paper is intended for all audiences, including clinical users, technology developers, integrators, and medical device regulators, providing general background on device point-of-care interoperability (DPI), IHE and IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) domain, and the SDC standards. It then addresses various topics around profiling standards for DPI and SDC, along with conformity assessment, test tooling and a pathway to product certification. The white paper makes specific recommendations for how SDC technology should be integrated into the IHE PCD Technical Framework, as well as a 3-year roadmap for achieving this milestone.

White Paper Materials

NOTE: PUBLIC COMMENT period closed September 22, 2019. The team has completed comment resolution and the updated document has been published.

Please see the meeting schedule below, and PLEASE send any additional comments to the IHE SDC email list ASAP!

Version 1.1

Additional Materials:

  • White Paper Key Topics Discussion Slides HERE (PDF)
- Reviewed SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27 and SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-03

Proposed Process & Timeline

The process for developing and publishing an IHE white paper is as follows (a sleuthed by John Rhoads):

  • The go-ahead from the committees (Approved in the IHE PCD '19 Spring meetings in Tucson AZ)
  • There is a defined Word template where the templates are on the FTP site.
  • Notification to IHE publication department (doc specialists - Mary Jungers) when ready to issue for Public Comment
  • Have the TC and PC look at it when ready and approve issuing for Public Comment
  • 30-day Public Comment period
  • Resolve with any comments and edit in any desired changes based on comments
  • Re-label without the Public Comment label
  • Send to IHE Document Specialist for final publication prep
  • IHE publishes onto

Based on the process an "aggressive but aspirationally doable" timeline was agreed:

     2019-JUL-15    Circulate draft white paper for IHE PCD internal public comment approval
     2019-JUL-22    Submit to IHE Documentation Publication Specialist
     2019-JUL-31    Publish White Paper for public comment
     2019-AUG       Public Comment Period
     2019-SEP       Comment resolution & finalization (incl. at HL7 X73 WGM in Atlanta, GA)
     2019-SEP-23    Submit to IHE Documentation Publication Specialist for final preparation
     2019-SEP-30    Publish Final White Paper (with proposed roadmap & timeline)
     2019-OCT-15    IHE PCD action roadmap at "fall" F2F at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL 

Note: Timeline has been updated per feedback from IHE Document Publication specialist.

Meeting Information & Notes

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-11-14

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-10-24

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-10-03

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-09-26

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-08-01

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-25

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-11

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-03 NOTE: Special pre-4th July (U.S.) Holiday + 2 hour session

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-20

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-13 NOTE: Logistically Overwhelmed Meeting - pushed to the 20th

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-06

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-05-30

SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-05-23