SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-10-03

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1) Review White Paper status and plan for completing the "FINAL" text version for publication
  • NOTE: Goal is to submit final draft to IHE PCD for approval by Friday October 4th
2) Review of document updates based on public comment submissions
3) Roadmap section detailed review and finalization
3) Review of Boston meeting agenda


Todd Cooper, John Rhoads
Regrets: ...

Discussion Notes

1) Roadmap Considerations
  • Proposal is to craft a baseline of each of the (4) SPDPi profiles in 2019, including SDPi-xC, to support basic reporting and alerting, including alert delegation for a use case such as Quiet Hospital
  • "Aggressive but doable" [given focused resources] was the consensus position.

Action Items

  • No new action items