SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-09-26

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1) Review White Paper status and plan for completing the "FINAL" text version for publication
2) Review of the submitted comments
3) Review of additional white paper considerations


Todd Cooper, Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, Stefan Karl, John Rhoads
Regrets: Koi Matsumoto, Stefan Schlichting

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed advice from Mary Jungers + experience of other "seasoned" IHE document editors (John Rhoads and Ken Fuchs)
2) SDPi White Paper - Review of Public Comments
  • Group reviewed the comments submitted by Kosta, Martin & Björn; detailed discussion of all of Kosta's comments + "high" priority items from the other two
- NOTE: All comments were accepted, at least "in principle" and updates will be made to the document accordingly
  • Group reviewed a graphic submitted by Björn for mapping out the relationship between the IHE SDPi profiles and foundational standards, IGs and other IHE profiles
3) White Paper completion planning
  • Todd had already started a version 1.1. based on the published document (from Mary Jungers), but that had comments added based on review and discussions since late August
  • Tracking of Public Comments will be done by adding "comment" notes to this (ver 1.1) document and then resolving / updating the content appropriately.
- IOW No need for a more formal tacking ticket approach

Action Items

  • (Todd) Update submitted comments into a 1.1 version of the white paper