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1) Action Items Review (SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-25)
2) Community Outreach / Planning / etc.
  • HL7 FHIR CAT 19-Sept - Update on hack-a-thon planning Thursday & Friday September 19 & 20
  • IHE NA CAT 20 - January 20-24 @ Cleveland
  • HIMSS'20 Proposals Review
3) White Paper -
4) SDC@IHE Meeting Schedule in August/September


Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, J. Uwe Meyer, John Rhoads
Regrets: Koi Matsumoto, Stefan Schlichting

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed Community Related Activities
  • 2019-09 HL7 FHIR CAT (Atlanta) - John Rhoads and DoF team planning on a Devices Track; will conduct a webinar in August to promote the testing; will include mention of SDC@DoF although the main testing for that will be a few days later at the end of the WGM.
  • HIMSS20 - Discussions continue with the potential to include a developers/techie focused aspect in the HIMSS'20 Interoperability Showcase; however, those discussions are in the very early stages
  • Group reviewed the latest draft of the SDPi white paper and APPROVED to move on to version 1.0 status for public comment
  • Discussion included ...
- Document Organization - though no major issues were identified, in some parts such as the NIST testing section, SDC detail was presented before SDC was actually detailed to any extent; however, the challenge was one of sequencing: keeping the testing and NIST related info together vs. breaking it up with the general info in one place and the SDC-focused testing later in the document; public comment should indicate whether the current approach is confusing or an acceptable compromise;
- Microsoft OneDrive - though some may have had improved corporate access to the documents when they were located on a shared OneDrive, permissions continued to making editing that on-line version nearly impossible, forcing team members to download a copy, edit locally and then submitting the updates for inclusion; the next white paper "public comment" phase should look at addressing this challenge;
- Uwe mentioned a U.S. ONC published "TEFCA" trusted exchange framework guide that may be valuable for recognizing how SDPi could fit in the broader digital health infrastructure space; Uwe took an action item to consider creating a concept perspective for the relationship between SDC@IHE and the ONC TEFCA for discussion in September and possible inclusion in a white paper appendix; this would include exploration of the integration with cloud-based "web apps"
- Roadmap - the group reviewed the "strawman" roadmap and agreed that though aggressive, it was both doable and a good starting point;

Action Items

  • (Todd) Finalize version 1.0 of the documents, update the wiki with PDFs, and initiate the Public Comment process starting with PCD internal approval and IHE document specialist Mary Jungers review and preparation.
  • (Uwe) Consider additional architectural concept content that could be added indicating connection to personalized digital health, including FHIR and web-based apps. Discuss in September when the meetings resume.