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Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) is a web services (WS) based set of IEEE 11073 standards that support device-to-device interoperability optimized for acute care environments, including OR, ICU and ED. They are the result of 10+ years of development in the Germany-based program and support real-time device reporting, alerting and control. This "SDC @ IHE" initiative seeks to establish how these open standards-based technologies can be leveraged in an IHE technical framework architecture, leading to testing and certification of SDC-enabled devices, and integration with other healthcare enterprise facing profiles (e.g., IHE PCD DEC or ACM), as well as pre/post acute care contexts such as home-based care provided for by the IEEE 11073 Personal Health Device (PHD) / Continua specifications.

This initiative is related to the IHE PCD Device Point-of-care Interoperability (DPI) profiles that also looked at how to integrate "from the device interface" connectivity using IHE technical framework profile specifications. To that end, this effort will first focus on the development of an "IHE PCD DPI - SDC White Paper", that will explore various aspects of how SDC might be supported in IHE technical framework specifications and will lay out a proposed roadmap for follow-on projects to be initiated 2019 Q4 and readied for testing and demonstration events in 2020 / 2021.

NOTE: SDC-related wiki pages may be seen on the Special SDC category page.


1 Profile development work has begun for the four Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability (SDPi) profiles for PRACtical device connectivity: Plug-and-play (SDPi), Reporting (SDPi-R), Alerting (SDPi-A) & Controlling (SDPi-xC). DEVELOPMENT PAGES ARE @ DEV SDPi Profile
2 White Paper is completed and published at IHE Technical Frameworks - PCD - White Papers
3 SDPi Profile development has begun - see IHE SDPi White Paper section below.

Community Connection

A general IHE Google list has been created to facilitate SDPi profile development, testing & use:

Note: The original email list: is not currently being actively used.

WebEx meetings have been scheduled for Thursday's @ 07:00 AFC! (that's Pacific time) / 16:00 Central Europe.

Contact Todd Cooper for more information or to be added to the community.

NOTE: It is anticipated that additional community networking technologies will be added in the future - please ask!

SDC Info & References

SDC presentations are available in numerous places including the HL7 DEV WG documents sections. For example,

Additional information is available at:

Links to IEEE 11073 SDC standards:

IHE SDPi White Paper

At the IHE PCD "Spring" F2F meetings in Tucson, Arizona 2019 April 24, an action was taken to "Draft an IHE White Paper that will provide an overview of the SDC standards, the IHE and IHE PCD technical framework architecture and profile specifications, and explore how SDC might be leveraged, including a proposed roadmap for future work." (See Action(s) for Wednesday).

This white paper will provide an overview of SDC technology and standards and tools, review previous DPI profiling approaches, and detail an approach and roadmap for integration of SDC-based devices into IHE technical framework components. Goal is to have the white paper drafted by the summer of 2019, with specific profile proposals ready for October review, leading to publication, testing and eventually certification in the 2020/2021 time frame.

See SDC white paper working group page to follow the discussion.