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This page is a spot to gather notes regarding actions needed due to the retirement of the IHE FTP site. Anyone can contribute here.

Documentation Conventions in IHE TFs

These are draft notes (Lynn).

  • In ITI TF 2x, we have Appendix W "Implementation Material", which is intended to point to the common place where IHE Tech Committees store non-normative TF artifacts like exa mples, WSDL, schema, etc. It is now updated to read:
    • Implementation material for some ITI profiles can be found on the IHE Google Drive under IHE Documents > TF_Implementation_Material > ITI. Implementation material is non-normative and includes schema, examples, WSDL, and more.
    • Note the use of the term "IHE Google Drive", which replaces "IHE FTP Site"
    • Note the convention for representing folders and sub-folders in Google Drive. The greater-than ">" symbol is used between folders. This is how subfolders are represented in Google Drive.
    • Note that hyperlinks in Google Drive are long and ugly. Fortunately the link remains the same if the document is updated in Google Drive. In TF documentation, it seems preferable not to put the entire (ugly) link directly into TF documentation text. Instead, put a file or folder name into the text, then highlight it and create a hyperlink to the file or folder.

How to capture links in Google Drive

If you want to capture a hyperlink to a file or to a folder in Google drive:

  • Navigate in Google Drive until the file or folder you want is displayed.
  • With your mouse hovering over the file/folder name, right-click and select "Get sharable link". You will see the link displayed, and you can copy/paste it as the hyperlink to a file or folder that you are referencing in your TF document.

Searching for links to the FTP site on Wiki pages

There is a way to search for external links on wiki pages. Go to the External Links Search page. In the Search Pattern text field, enter for example ftp://ftp.ihe.net/. This search yields thousands of results. Refine your search to yield specific results you may be interested in. For example,

  • ftp://ftp.ihe.net/DocumentPublication yields 66 results
  • ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Radiology yields 269 results with many being links contained in meeting minutes.

Below is an image showing example search results:

Wiki External Link Search Example.jpg