Restricted Metadata Update (RMU)

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The Restricted Metadata Update (RMU) Profile provides a mechanism for changing Document Sharing metadata both within and across community boundaries in a controlled manner.


RMU enables modification of a restricted set of Document Sharing metadata attributes to allow for predictable and safe use in a wide range of operating environments. Communities can use this Profile as part of meeting legislative requirements for patient control of their distributed medical information


Actors & Transactions

Actors involved in this profile are:

  • Update Initiator
  • Update Responder

Profile Actors and Transactions


Profile Status: Trial Implementation

Documents: IT IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework

Affected Sections

  • Vol. 1 - Section 48
  • Vol. 2c - Sections 3.92
  • Vol. 3 - Section 4.2

Underlying Standards:

Implementation Material