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This “landing” page provides links useful for IHE Technical Framework Document Authors and Editors.

If you are a first time author, you might want to start with Profile Development Process for First Timers and the Process wiki pages.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the IHE Wiki. The Wiki Map explains links on the navigation pane to the left of this page.

The links below take you to some useful IHE Wiki pages, Web Pages, IHE Google Drive folders, and Google Sheets.

Inventory of IHE Profiles

The Inventory of IHE Profiles Google Sheet lists all current known profiles, their status (Public Comment, Trial Implementation, Deprecated, etc.) and other relevant information.

Brief Descriptions of Profiles and Their State

The Profiles wiki page provides a brief description of published profiles and an indicator of their state (e.g., final text, trial implementation, public comment, deprecated, etc.)

Publication Schedule Information

The information on the Domain Milestone Dates wiki page is provided by each IHE Domain Planning and Technical Committees.

The IHE Documentation Specialist translates the wiki page information into the detailed publication schedule here. IMPORTANT NOTE: If no information is provided on the wiki, no documents can be scheduled for publication.

A high-level view of the publication status of new IHE profiles is located here.

Official IHE Templates

The official templates for creating IHE Technical Framework Documents are found on IHE Google Drive and are linked to at Official Templates.

This wiki page also contains links to the most recent version of the IHE General Introduction and Shared Appendices found here. The shared appendices include a complete list of IHE Actors, Transactions and Glossary items.

Profile Proposal Process

The Profile Proposal Process wiki page includes an overview of Call for Proposals -> Selecting Short List -> Performing Technical Evaluation -> Final Profile Selection and links to applicable templates.

IHE Profile Design Principles and Conventions

Among other things, advice for creating new actors and transactions can be found on the IHE Profile Design Principles and Conventions Wiki page.

Writing Technical Frameworks and Supplements

The Writing Technical Frameworks and Supplements wiki page provides some guidelines for authors/editors when developing or updating profiles. It includes the following topics:


If you need to add a SNOMED CT Concept to a profile, this page describes the process for:

  • Locating a suitable SNOMED CT Concept for reference in an IHE Technical Framework Profile or Value Set
  • Adding an existing SNOMED CT Concept to the SNOMED CT IHE Set
  • Requesting a new Concept if a suitable existing one is not found

Technical Framework Publication Process

The Technical Framework Publication Process wiki page provides a brief overview of the publication process and the following:

  • IHE templates (and where to submit comments on them)
  • Document Stages
  • Workflow Diagrams (with active links):
  • Document File Naming Conventions
  • Named Destinations

Approval Process for IHE Actors, Transactions and Glossary Terms

New or updated actors, transactions and glossary terms must receive approval from the IHE Domain Coordination Committee prior to being published in a trial implementation supplement.

Where Public Comments Are Located

Among other things, the Public Comment Process wiki page lists where public comments submitted during a public comment period are found.

USE THE CURRENT PUBLISHED VERSION to update Published Documents

When a document is published (for public comment, trial implementation, etc.) the IHE Documentation Specialist kindly does various cleanup.

When you want to update a published document (e.g. preparing a Trial Implementation draft based on the Public Comment draft, or applying a CP to Final Text), please start by getting the Current Published Word version from the applicable IHE Google Drive folder here. Otherwise, if you start from your own version, the IHE Documentation Specialist will have to do all the cleanup and fixes again or may ask you to make your changes to the Current Published version.

Searching the IHE Wiki for External Links (e.g., to find links to the ftp site that need to be updated to Google Drive)

See Retirement of the IHE FTP Site #Searching for links to the FTP site on Wiki pages

Using the IHE Google Drive

This Google Document provides information for using the IHE Google Drive.

IHE Google Drive Document Publication Folder Structure

The IHE Document Publication Google Drive Folder Structure wiki page describes in detail the structure of the IHE Document Publication Google Drive Folder.

Some Useful Web Pages