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The new Remove Metadata and Documents (RMD) Profile provides a means to request document removal from an XDS Repository, and metadata removal from a Registry. It builds on concepts presented in the XDS Metadata Update supplement, but is not dependent on those capabilities.


  • Defines a standard process to allow the removal of documents and associated metadata that are no longer required as part of the patient's care record.


The Remove Metadata and Documents (RMD) Profile was developed to allow for the removal of metadata from the Document Registry and documents from a Document Repository that are no longer required to be discoverable within a patient's care record. The decision to remove this data may have been initiated either by an automated mechanism or manual administrative procedure in order to enforce a pre-determined policy or legal requirement within an XDS Affinity Domain. It is out of scope for IHE profiles to define such policies or requirements.

This profile combines both a new and existing functionality to fulfill these requirements. A new transaction enables removal of the document from a Document Repository. An existing transaction from the XDS Metadata Update Supplement enables the removal of metadata from the Document Registry. The Document Administrator Actor represents the requestor for both transactions.

The Remove Metadata and Documents Profile does not define how a receiving actor interprets the instructions to remove either metadata or documents. This includes whether or not data should be physically removed from a host system. Because of the complex nature of local, regional, and national legal requirements surrounding patient privacy and data retention, these decisions are left to implementers as to how to best address these requirements.

Actors & Transactions

Actors involved in this profile are:

  • Document Administrator
  • Document Registry
  • Document Repository

Profile Actors and Transactions


Profile Status: Trial Implementation


IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework:

Affected Sections

  • Vol. 1 - Section 44
  • Vol. 2a - Sections 3.18
  • Vol. 2b - Sections 3.62
  • Vol. 2c - Sections 3.86
  • Vol. 2x - Appendix V
  • Vol. 3 - Section 4.2

Underlying Standards:

Document Sharing

Implementation Material