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(Current Meetings)
(Current Meetings)
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! Minutes
! Minutes
| 2014-09-04|| TBD||  Teleconference
| PC Drafts Detailed Profile Proposals for "Short Listed" Proposals 
| [[Rad Plan Agenda 2013-09-20|Agenda]]
| [[Rad Plan Minutes 2013-09-20|Minutes]]

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The Radiology Technical Committee performs the technical work of the IHE Radiology Domain. It works under the direction of the Radiology Planning Committee.

Current Activities

Proposal of supplement of final text

Proposal of IOCM to Final Text

2014-2015 Supplement Development

Currently the proposals can be submitted at Brief Profile Proposals

Technical Framework Maintenance

Radiology Change Proposals

The TF Maintenance Folder holds:

  • the Radiology CP Tracking spreadsheet which lists all CPs, their current status and assigned editors
  • copies of all CPs grouped by current status

Important: CPs should only be edited and renamed by their assigned editor. CPs should only be moved between folders by the CP Coordinator.

The Change Proposal Process describes the steps for submitting and managing Change Proposals. In addition to the standard naming, IHE Radiology uses RJ when a CP has been rejected (e.g. CP-RAD-098-RJ.doc), CA when a CP has been cancelled, and CM when a CP is completed and ready for ballot.

CP Ballots and Comments may be submitted to ihe-rad-tech. Please note that only ballots from Member Organizations with active voting privileges will be counted.

Radiology Technical Framework Editorial Maintenance

The TF Section Number Assignments spreadsheet tracks the main profile chapter numbers (in Volume 1) and the transaction numbering (including Volume 2 and 3 section numbering).

This spreadsheet should be updated just prior to new profile supplements being published for Trial Implementation.

Current Meetings

Some key meetings are shown here for convenience. See the IHE Calendar for the official listing of all T-Cons and meetings.

Meeting notifications and reminders are sent to the Committee Mailing list. T-Cons may be added or re-scheduled periodically.

Proposed Agenda Topics will be scheduled for discussion at upcoming meetings.

Dates and Times are Central Time (Chicago UTC-0600)

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2014-09-04 TBD Teleconference PC Drafts Detailed Profile Proposals for "Short Listed" Proposals Agenda Minutes

Older meetings are listed here.

Radiology Technical Committee Roster

The Radiology Technical Committee Roster is maintained by the Secretariat for IHE Radiology. If you would like to suggest changes or corrections to this page, please contact Chris Carr, Joan McMillen or LaShawn Edwards at ihe@rsna.org.

Participation in IHE domain committees is open to representatives of all IHE member organizations. Information about IHE's governance, including how to apply to become an IHE member organization, is available on the IHE governance Web page. The current list of member organizations is available at http://www.ihe.net/governance/member_organizations.cfm.

Radiology Technical Committee Roster - Google Spreadsheet

Past Technical Committee Activities

Committee Mailing List

The mailing list for this committee is a Google group, which has its main page at http://groups.google.com/group/IHE-Rad-Tech. Interested parties can request to be added to the group at that page or by sending an email request to radsecretary@ihe.net.

See Also

The Radiology Domain Page

The published Radiology Technical Framework

The Main Committees Page

This page is based on the Committee Template. Add any good ideas you have to the template.