Radiology Proposals 2010-2011

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Final Selection

The Planning Committee selected the following 2010-11 work items during the Oct 27 T-Con :

Proposals under Consideration Editor Effort Tag
Management of Radiology Report Templates - Detailed Proposal C. Langlotz
- - address exchange of templates only 20% A1
- - also address discovery/monitoring (Query, Pub/Sub, etc) 40% A2
Basic Imaging Object Change Management - Detailed Proposal K. Ho 35% B
Reporting Workflow Revision - Detailed Proposal K. O'Donnell 35%? C
Cross-Community Access - Images (XCA-I) - Detailed Proposal C. Lindop 30% D
Rad TF Maintenance 2010-11 CoChairs 20% E

The following "slates of work" were proposed, listing a group of proposals and the estimated Tech Cmte bandwith. Slates significantly over 100% must indicate a ("below the line" proposal) which is to be dropped if the Tech Cmte runs into bandwidth problems.

Current slate is 165%

Rad TF Maintenance 20% is required.

Voting to remove work items until an acceptable threshold is achieved.

Slate need

We vote to drop

Detailed Proposals

The following detailed proposals are being prepared for evaluation by the Technical Cmte.

Detailed Proposals for this first group are due Oct 3. to let Tech Cmte members review the contents prior to recording their evaluation results during the Oct 6th teleconference.

Detailed Proposals in this second group are due Oct 19. to let Tech Cmte members review the contents prior to recording their evaluation results during the Oct 22nd teleconference.

Editors: To convert your Brief Proposal to a Detailed Proposal:

  • Use the new link above (Changed "Brief" to "Detailed")
  • Copy your Brief proposal text into the new page (don't forget to save)
  • Copy the Delta Proposal Template into the bottom of the new page
  • Update as necessary
  • Your goal is to give sufficient detail for the Tech Cmte to be able to evaluate the technical feasibility and effort required.

Tech Cmte evaluations will be recorded at the bottom of each proposal.

Brief Proposals

The brief proposals listed below were submitted, reviewed on Sept 20 and those listed above were selected on Sept 23 for expansion to detailed proposals.

Call for Proposals

Interested parties were invited to submit proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template by Sept. 10, 2010.

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