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IHE Radiology addresses information sharing, workflow and patient care in radiology, including mammography and nuclear medicine.

IHE Radiology is sponsored by the Radiological Society of North America and manages the Radiology Profiles and the Radiology Technical Framework.

There are two committees in the IHE Radiology domain:

A temporary special interest group is doing background work on Encounter-based Imaging Workflow for enterprise imaging.

Timeline: 2017-2018 Development Cycle Milestones

The Timeline shows the main milestones of the development cycle, the Timeframe when they are typically expected to happen, and the actual date/time/location they have been Scheduled for this year. Specific meetings and their agendas and minutes are generally listed on the IHE Radiology Planning Committee and IHE Radiology Technical Committee pages.

Dates and times are U.S. Central Time (Chicago).

Typically Main Milestone Scheduled Location
June RSNA Call to Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) June 20 Wiki
Aug Deadline to Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Aug 11 midnight (FIRM!) Wiki
Aug PC Selects "Short List" of Proposals (Vote!) Aug 24 T-Con
Sept PC makes Final Selection of Proposals for this year (Vote!) Sept 22 10am-Noon T-Con
Nov TC Meeting for Profile Development Kickoff Oct 31-Nov 3 Oak Brook
Nov Annual Joint PC/TC Meeting at RSNA Nov 28, 9:30-11:30am McCormick Place Room TBD
Jan/Feb TC Meeting to Finalize Supplements for public comment Feb 5-8 Oak Brook
March CP Ballot
Feb. Public Comment Period for Supplements
Mar/Apr TC Meeting to reconciles comments and Finalize Supplements for Trial Implementation April 24-27 Oak Brook
June TC evaluates Profiles for Final Text/Retirement Tcon
June Publication of Final Text Technical Framework and updated supplements
July IHE Rad Webinar on new profiles webex
Jan Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) Cleveland
Apr Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe) TBD

Partial tally of profile selection and development over past years


Radiology Strategic Planning describes IHE Radiology activities within the context of IHE Radiology Goals.

The Radiology Roadmap outlines goals and plans over the next 5-10 years.

The Radiology Image Sharing Roadmap examines use cases and solutions for sharing images both locally and distributed widely.

Current Activity

For draft documents and the current status of IHE Change Proposals, see Radiology_Technical_Committee#Current_Activities.

Supporters and Endorsements

IHE Radiology is supported or endorsed by the following organizations:

  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) [1]
  • European Society of Radiology [2]
  • Coordination Committee of the Radiological and Electromedical Industries (COCIR)
  • Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft (DRG) [3]
  • EuroPACS Association [4]
  • Groupement pour la Modernisation du Système d'Information Hospitalier (GMSIH) [5]
  • Société Française de Radiologie (SFR) [6]
  • Società Italiana di Radiologia Medica (SIRM) [7]
  • Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems (JIRA)
  • Japan Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry (JAHIS)
  • Japan Radiological Society (JRS)
  • Japan Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT)
  • Japan Association of Medical Informatics (JAMI)