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IHE Radiation Oncology addresses information sharing, workflow, and patient care in radiation oncology.

IHE Radiation Oncology is sponsored by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and manages the Radiation Oncology Profiles and the Radiation Oncology Technical Framework.

IHE-RO Meeting Calendar

Timeline: Development Cycle Milestones

The Timeline shows the main milestones of the development cycle, the Timeframe when they are typically expected to happen, and the actual date/time/location they have been Scheduled for this year. Specific meetings and their agendas and minutes are generally listed on the IHE Radiation Oncology Planning Committee and IHE Radiation Oncology Technical Committee pages.

Dates and times are U.S. Eastern Time (Washington, DC).

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Jan TC finalizes previous year profile supplements for public comment January 14-18 Melbourne., FL
Feb PC drafts detailed proposals for "short listed" profile proposals Tcon
Feb TC finalizes previous year profile supplements for public comment February 5-9 Melbourne., FL
Apr PC drafts detailed proposals for "short listed" profile proposals Tcon
May TC begins technical review of profile proposals April 10-13 Las Vegas, NV
Aug TC completes technical review of detailed proposals

Evaluation of Profiles for Final Text/Retirement

August 1-4 Nashville, TN
Sept PC makes final selection of proposals for this year Tcon
Sept Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) September 17-22 Alexandria, VA
Mar Call for Proposals March 16 Tcon
Apr Proposal Deadline April 25 Tcon
Oct PC selects 'short list' of proposals October 18 Tcon
Oct Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe) October 9-14 Netherlands
Jan/Feb Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) Chicago
Apr Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe)
Jan/Feb TC Finalizes profile supplements for public comment Feb 10-13 Fairfax
Feb. Submission of Documents Feb 28
March CP Ballot March 1-31 www.ihe.net
Feb. Public Comment Period for Supplements March 15- April 15 www.ihe.net
Mar/Apr TC reconciles public comments Apr 22-25 XXX
May Submission for Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements May 9, 2014 www.ihe.net
June Evaluation of Profiles for Final Text/Retirement Tcon
June Submission for Publication of Final Text Technical Framework and updated supplements June 30, 2014 www.ihe.net
Aug Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Aug 30 Wiki
Sept PC Selects "Short List" of Proposals Sept 17 ASTRO Annual Meeting
Sept PC Drafts Detailed Profile Proposals for "Short Listed" Proposals Oct 5 T-Con
Oct TC Completes technical review of Detailed Proposals Oct 15 Oct 13-15
Oct PC makes Final Selection of Proposals for this year Oct 25 T-Con
Nov TC Profile development kickoff meeting Nov 12-14 Fairfax

Timeline : Previous Development Cycles


The Radiation Oncology Roadmap will outline goals and plans over the next 5-10 years.

Current Activity

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO) is soliciting use cases from the radiation oncology community. A use case is a description of how end users will accomplish a goal by performing a task or a series of tasks using systems (or software) and includes the responses of the systems (or software) to user actions. IHE-RO use cases should focus on interoperability issues. If you are aware of an interoperability issue in radiation oncology, please prepare a one-page summary of the use case one of the following ways:

1.Scroll to the bottom of “Use_Case_Wish_List”, click on one of the "add your own" templates and fill in the content.

2.For the more "wiki savvy", use the template at “Brief_Proposal_Template”, fill it out and insert it in the Use Case Wish List table.

These use cases need to be submitted by Friday, May 28, 2010 for consideration in the 2010-2011 development cycle.

Job Jar

The creation of a 'job jar' to collect tasks, prioritize them, and solicit volunteers. Click here to access the wiki version of the job jar.

Use Case Selection

For an overview of submitting a Use Case for Radiation Oncology, please refer to this page.

Please read the Profile_Proposal_Process to understand the process for specifying, prioritizing and selecting profiles. Edit the following table to include new pages (using the above format) and use the Brief_Proposal_Template to create new Use Cases. The Detailed_Proposal_Template can be used later to provide full details. A high level Radiotherapy Process map provides a context for developing Use cases.

COMPLETED Use Cases and their Integration Profiles

Year Introduced Use Case RFP Text Year Finished
2005 Simple treatment planning use case (BRTO) illustrates basic functionality for transferring data between treatment planning systems. See [BRTO] Basic Radiation Therapy Objects BRTO Profile Page 2007
2006 Image Fusion for Segmentation* and Image Fusion for Dose Review* See [MMRO] Multimodality Registration for Radiation Oncology MMRO Profile Page 2008
2007 Advanced Radiation Therapy Objects Interoperability (ARTI), an extension of the BRTO profile. ARTI Profile Page 2014
2007 Treatment Delivery Workflow* RT Treatment Workflow. The Transfer of Anatomy/Aperture Data for Localization Use case is partially included in TDW. TDW Profile Page 2012
2011 Update to MMRO for DICOM standard changes. Also added links to images used in registration to address safety concerns. MMRO-II Profile Page 2012

Use Cases Being Developed into Integration Profiles

Year Introduced Use Case Champion Current Rank
2015 Treatment Delivery Device Integration* Colin Field, MS
2015 Authenication Authorization* Peter Balter, Mike Bieda
2015 Radiation Oncology Workflow Exchange with HIS (ROWE)* Bridget Koontz, MD
2015 Decubitus Patient Positioning in RT Workflow* Scott Haldey, PhD
2015 User Case Anonymization * Jim Chang, MD
2015 Brachytherapy* Scott Hadley, PhD
2015 Off-line Review 3rd Party Imaging* Scott Hadley, PhD


Dose Compositing* Use Case development needed. In development. Testing hopefully during 2011 Connectathon.

Multi Modality Residual Dose Optimization This combines the two previous Use Cases Residual Dose Optimization and Brachytherapy. It overlaps with the Dose Compositing Use Case.

2006 3 PC 2009 #1
2007 Prescription Automation: Waiting for DICOM WG7 to develop standards. Sha Chang, May Wahab PC 2007 #1
2008 Structure Template Creation, Import, and Export: Waiting for development of standards. Charles Able PC 2009 #2
2008 Radiation Oncology Workflow Exchange with HIS PDF versions of a few slides are here. Status ? Rishabh Kapoor PC 2010 #1

Use Cases Tabled

Year Introduced Use Case Champion(s) Current Rank
2007 User Authentication and Authorization Brief Template or Detailed Template: No IHE-RO vendor interest, or IHE vendor interest. Encourage IHE-ITI to pick this up. Colin Field PC 2007 #3, PC 2009 #3

Current Use Case Short List

Year Introduced Use Case Champion(s) Current Rank
2015 Anonymization PDF versions of a few slides are here.) Jim Chang TBD
2015 Radiation Oncology Workflow Exchange with HIS (ROWE) PDF versions of a few slides are [[media:|here]].) Bridget Koontz TBD
2010-11 Integrated Patient QA Checker Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/QAChecker_ChangRiddell_2011.ppt. (Aside: This Use Case replaces Patient Safety. See http://www.medicalimaging.org/2010/06/manufacturers-unveil-radiation-therapy-readiness-check-initiative/. PDF versions of a few slides are here.) Kevin Riddell, Sha Chang PC 2010 #1, PC 2011 #1
2011 Treatment Delivery Device Data Integration needs FFF use case supported. Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/TmtDDD_Miettinen_2011.ppt Peter Balter, Mohammed Salehpour, Rishabh Kapoor, Mika PC 2011 #2
2006 On-line Image Review* Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/OnlineImageReview_ZChangKoontz_2011.ppt Bridgette Koontz, Zheng Chang PC 2011 #3, PC 2009 #5
2011 Flattening Filter Free Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/FFF_Miettinen_2011.ppt Mika, Peter Balter PC 2011 #4

Previous Use Cases

Year Introduced Use Case Champion(s) Current Rank
2011 Isocenter coordinates transfer to lasers (prepared from Dan Schifter request). Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/LaserPositioning_Linton_2011.ppt Nick Linton, Rishabh Kapoor - extension of previous use case PC 2011 #5
2011 In Vivo Patient Dosimetry Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/InVivoDos_CeliZChang_2011.ppt Juan Carlos, Zheng Chang PC 2011 #5
2011 CT study and Reference Point transfer (prepared from Aaron Phillips request). Slides are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/RadiationOncology/IHE-RO_PC/IHE-RO_PC2011/Presentations/CTLocalization_Linton_2011.ppt Nick Linton - to check against existing NTPS integration profile PC 2011 #7
2006 Anonymization. PDF versions of a few slides are here. Charles Able PC 2010 #3
2010 Radiation Oncology Patient Portal (ROPP). PDF versions of a few slides are here. Alan DaCosta, Danny Armstrong, Martin Pellinat PC 2010 #4
2010 Deformable Registration. Use Case development needed. PDF versions of a few slides are here. Prabhakar Tripuraneni, Colin Field PC 2010 #4
2006 Instance-level Query Retrieve* Use Case development needed. PDF versions of a few slides are here. Rishabh Kapoor PC 2010 #6
2006 Off-line Image Review* Use Case development needed
2006 Configuration Management* Use Case development needed
2006 Clinical Trials Submission. This Use Case has been superceded by the Anonymization and the Structure Template Creation, Import, and Export use cases. n/a
2007 Radiotherapy Planning and Treatment Record, see "Advanced Interoperability of Treatment Planning Systems" (AITPS). This Use Case is the IHERO 'Holy Grail'.
  • PC 2007 #5, PC 2009 #4
2008 Brachytherapy. Combined into Multi Modality Residual Dose Optimization (as of 18-Aug-2009 PC TCON). n/a
2008 Integration with Proton therapy. Use Case development needed
2008 Bronchoscopy position data transfer. Use Case development needed
2008 Radiation Oncology Enterprise Schedule Integration (ESI). Under development by IHE-J RO Stuart Swerdloff
2010 Curves and Beam Aperture Contours (BACs) for DRR's, kV and fluoro. Use Case development needed.
2010 Plan QA. Use Case development needed.
2010 Dicubitus_Structure_import. Use Case development needed.
2010 Copying fusion results between CT and CT-PET. Use Case development needed. n/a covered by multi-modality registration
2010 Documentation of Shifts. Use Case development needed.
2012 Click on the link add your own. After you've filled in the use case information, edit this page and change "add your own" to an appropriate name.
* Extracted from August 8, 2006 Technical Committee meeting (posted on AAPM BBS)

IHE-RO Demonstrations, Presentations and Publications

Date Location Event Details
2007.06.11-13 Chicago, IL IHE North America Workshop RT Objects Integration, Registration Profile, Workflow Profiles, 2008 Use Cases
2007.10.28-2007.11.1 Los Angeles, CA ASTRO 2007 Annual Meeting Public Demonstration: Basic Integration Profile
2008.09.21-2008.09.24 Boston, MA ASTRO 2008 Annual Meeting Public Demonstration: Multi-Modality Registration Profile and the Basic Objects Integration Profile
2008 Sydney, Australia RANZCR Dr. Prabhakar Tripuraneni's IHE-RO RANZCR 2008 presentation (PPT)
2010.09.24-2010.09.25 Fairfax, VA PC Focus Meeting Bruce Curran's IHE-RO presentation for ASTRO staff (PPT)
Slides from PC 24Sep2010 meeting (PPT)
2010.10.31 San Diego, CA ASTRO 2010 Conversations Bruce Curran and Dr. Ramesh Rengan talk about IHE-RO at the Resource Booth at ASTRO's 52nd Annual Meeting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVwOuEBkkOg
2011.03.03 Gainesville, FL PC Focus Meeting on End User Deliverables Slides from PC 03-04 Mar2011 meeting (PDF)
2011.09.12 Fairfax, VA PC Meeting Rishabh Kapoor's IHE-RO Helper tool presentation to the planning committee (PDF)
2013.08.06 Indianapolis, IN AAPM Annual Meeting Rishabh Kapoor's talk on IHE-RO on the educational session at AAPM Annual meeting http://client.blueskybroadcast.com/AAPM/annual13/aapm_an_13_56c/index.html

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IHE Radiation Oncology is supported or endorsed by the following vendors and professional organizations.

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