Rad Tech Minutes 2022-09-01a

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  • Brian Bialecki
  • Wim Corbijn
  • Lynn Felhofer
  • Kinson Ho
  • Nichole Knox
  • David Kwan
  • Andrei Leontiev
  • Eric Martin
  • Steve Nichols
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Christopher Roth, MD
  • Antje Schroeder
  • Nikhilesh Sonar
  • Khaled Younis


  • Maintenance
    • IHE RAD CP Tracking
      • 2021 Maintenance analysis spreadsheet
      • In prep for 2022 maintenance work, Andrei and Lynn will take first step at updating the analysis of the assigned CP's and recategorizing them and at October CP mtg review their findings and refine categories so that in the maintenance section of November work on what's agreed. Categorization will occur in the Rad CP tracking sheet. Propose possible retired profiles. Identify candidates for FT.
      • Proposed categories: Editorial, Final Text, TI-promotion, TI-hot/new, TI-other
      • 20% time of each meeting
  • Imaging Diagnostic Report Proposal