Rad Tech Minutes 2021-09-21

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  • Introductions
  • IHE Radiology Technical Committee Roster
    • IHE International Member Representatives
      • Chris Carr, RSNA
      • Wim Corbijn, Philips
      • Brad Genereaux, SIIM
      • David Kwan, Insygnia Consulting
      • Andrei Leontiev, Visage Imaging
      • Steve Nichols, GE
      • Kevin O'Donnell, Canon Medical Systems
      • Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
      • Khaled Younis, Philips
      • Weber Marett, IBM Watson Health
      • Christopher Roth, MD, Duke University Hospital Department of Radiology
    • Guests, Non-Voting, Staff
      • Lynn Felhofer, Radiology Technical Project Manager
      • Nichole Knox, RSNA - IHE Radiology Domain Secretary
  • 11:30am-12:00pm: Maintenance