Rad Tech Minutes 2021-02-22

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1. Reviewed CP-RAD-457 and CP-RAD-458… Both of the CPs paused. Agreed to initiate discussion with ITI to agree on the way how the ATNA profile can be extended for purposes of domain-specific operational logging
2. Reviewed, assigned and prepared for ballot submitted CPs CP-RAD-461 Refactor RAD-10 Storage Commitment for easier reuse and CP-RAD-462 WIA Requestor requirements
    • NOTE: CP-RAD-462 has been approved conditionally on Lynn making additional changes to accommodate AIR and AIW profiles. Lynn determined that more work is needed and pulled the CP from the ballot.
3. Approved for Ballot CP-RAD-438 SWF.b – Enterprise Identity Clarification for RAD-14 Matching & Return Keys
4. Approved for ballot CP-RAD-453 Clarify Implicit Post-processing Workflow
5. Continued review of CP-RAD-460 – Lynn will provide updated version (and if feasible, the proposed final incorporated text) for Mar 4 CP t-con
6. Agreed to release ballot CP 2021B for voting this week so that have results back for F2F meeting in April
7. Discussed strategy for identification of next Top-10 set of CPs – Andrei to submit proposal for review for March 4 CP t-con