Rad Tech Minutes 2020-05-06

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Brian Bialecki
Lynn Felhofer
Brad Genereaux
Vikas Gulani
Kinson Ho
Nichole Knox
David Kwan
Andre Leontiev
Chris Lindop
Steve Nichols
Kevin O'Donnell
Daniel Rubin
Antje Schroeder
Elliot Silver
Harald Zachmann


AIW-I Public Comment Resolution
  • Completed all Public Comments
  • Additional details to be completed offline
AIR Public Comment Resolution
  • Extensive discussion on the paramatric map option; decision to keep as a basic requirement.
  • As committee reviews document, email typos to Kevin (easier for him) or mark-up document. Also, flag 3's for further discussion on Friday's call.
  • Expect to day a page by page read on Friday, May 8 call.