Rad Tech Minutes 2020-03-05

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  • Andrei Leontiev
  • Brad Genereaux
  • Kinson Ho
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Wim Corbijn
  • Nichole Knox


  • Reviewed 6 Change Proposals - all assigned
    • CP-RAD-435: No named options for compression in PDI
    • CP-RAD-436: Fix inconsistencies in IOCM actor/transaction and grouping requirements
    • CP-RAD-437: New ATNA STX options & updates to XDS-I.b, XCA-I dependencies/mandatory groupings
    • CP-RAD-438: SWF.b-Enterprise Identity Clarification for RAD-14 Matching & Return Keys
    • CP-RAD-439: EBIW-RAD-132 Issuer of Accession Number clarification
    • CP-RAD-440: EBIW-RAD-130 return and matching keys
  • Documents can be found on the FTP in the 2.Assigned_CPs folder