Rad Tech Minutes 2009.02.05

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Joint ITI/WG 26 DICOM Webservices Review and Discussion


  • Teddy Bachour - Microsoft/Rad Tech
  • Howard Clark - MITA
  • Ronald Cowan - Merge/Rad Tech
  • Christoph Dickmann - Siemens/Rad Tech
  • Jay Gaeta - ACR/Rad Tech
  • Rob Horn - Agfa/IT Infra
  • Keith Klassy - Camtronics
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Manuel Metz - GIP-DMP/IT Infra
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba/Rad Tech
  • Dr. Deiva Ramachandran - IBM
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Alexis Tzannes - Aware/IT Infra
  • David Wall - IBM/IT Infra
  • Karen Witting - IBM/IT Infra
  • Edwood Yiu - McKesson/Rad Tech


  • Questions for IT Infra for performance of retrieve of large binary objects (image sets)
  • Image studies are treated differently than other document sets in that they are not submitted to a repository; a Key Object Selection document is submitted
  • Rad Tech has redrafted XDS.b to use the MTOM/XOP retrieve transactions for image sets, which will be treated as document sets
  • Questions for WG27 about security of WADO transactions: WG27 does not intend to address security of WADO, but to define Web Services transactions to replace it
  • WADO retrieve uses a simpler transaction than the Web Services MTOM/XOP retrieve defined in XDS.b; is it possible to have a secure retrieve that allows for transformation of the data payload to jpg (as in WADO)?
  • XCA: defines method for sharing across "communities" (affinity domains or other); requires that you need patient ID at site
  • XCA can retrieve document set with transaction identical to the one in XDS.b
  • XCA requires Home Community ID (which should already be provided in manifest)
  • Focus on risk analysis: Is it necessary to authenticate individuals across sites? Is a request from a trusted node sufficient?
  • Discovery of repositories
  • Done via configuration (rather than as a Web service)
  • Query and Retrieve Transactions
  • Need capability to filter returns on patient, study type, date, etc
  • Domain needs to organize its information in a particular way
  • Is it possible to use Document Set as a proxy for Study (or series)
  • XDS Queries can be limited by format code/type: manifest as a document type that should show up in query responses; thus query results could list only manifests and not individual images

Next Call: Friday, Feb. 13, 10:30am-12:00pm

Radiology Technical Committee

ITI Technical Committee