Rad Tech Minutes 08.09.23

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  • David Clunie - RadPharm
  • Christoph Dickmann - Siemens
  • Dick Donker - Philips
  • Chris Lindop - GE
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Lynn Felhofer - Technical Proj Mgr


1) Committee Organization

  • Confirm that roster list is covered in distribution list
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to send message to those listed asking for confirmation about participation cycle (including work targets)

2) Co-chairs Election

  • David Clunie elected for two-year term
  • Chris Lindop elected to interim term up to one year, with replacement being sought
  • Motion passed unanimously

3) Review list of "short-listed" proposals

  • Technical Committee requests that Planning Committee forward Enhanced DICOM Objects profile proposal for evaluation
  • Dick Donker will edit detailed proposal
  • Confirmed editor assignments for [[detailed profile proposals

4) Begin developing estimate of development resources available

  • Need to assess maintenance commitments (CP tracking list)
  • Action Item: David Clunie will review tracking list to assess workload

5) Development Timeline: schedule of meetings and teleconferences

  • Oct. 1, 10am-1pm CDT Technical Review of Image Sharing Profile Detailed Proposals
  • Oct. 13, 9-11am CDT Technical Review of Enhanced DICOM Objects Profile and other Detailed Proposals
  • Oct. 22, Planning Committee Call to select profile list
  • Nov. 10-13, Face-to-face Meeting (RSNA HQ) to begin profile development

Radiology Technical Committee