Rad Tech Minutes 08.08.14

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  • Michael Battreall, Nebraska Medical Center
  • Fred Behlen
  • Ruth Berge, GE
  • Topher Gedeon
  • Dave Heaney, McKesson
  • Mike Henderson, Eastern Informatics
  • Chris Lindop, GE
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba
  • Tony Palmer, GE
  • Priya, GE
  • Niki Wirsz, Siemens
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • Chris Carr, RSNA


  • Review open issues and expand discussion in preparation for development of SWFII profile

9. Code Sharing

10. Workflow Requests and Images/Reports Distribution Notification

  • Should be limited to acquisition workflow only - KO
  • May need to to describe a baseline table to describe the cases. Need to include the things that impact the behavior of reporting
  • Should include "copies to" field as well
  • Could include whether to notify provider when ready
  • Request for the ordering provider for - at the front end of the order
  • Are plans are to NOT include reporting in this profile

11. Intermittently Connected Devices

  • Note the scheduling reconciliation workflow with manual entries of scheduled procedure steps

12. Relevant Clinical Data

  • Do we want to raise the bar, i.e. R2 or conditional as opposed to optional

13. Multi-modality

14. Raw Data Handling

15. Reuse of transactions

Move down to the discuss the use cases

Authorization Mode

  • This may be a universal setting for the institution
  • Note the difference between permission to change and requirements to notify authorizing clinician
  • Note this is NOT about insurance pre-authorization
  • Need some discussion/clean up to disentangle authorization policy from delivery mechanism
  • ORC-30 harmonization with participation mode Example use case for Conveying Order Detail - Order Placer to Order Filler

  • Pre-coordniated vs. Post Coordinated code sets
  • Should IHE encourage or allow both forms or pomote conversion on one?
  • Could require support for post-coordinated and include pre-coordinated
  • Review experience with mammography code sets
  • We have a draft approach with JJ1017. Do we want someone from the US to review Japan's approach?

24.3.23 Patient Update

  • May need to be more explicit about the combinations and permutations. EG. if the patient update is a merge after the current order entry but before the current acquisition, but after the prior order acquisition. IE "after" is referring to current order but there are implicitly several other orders in play with the merge. All of these issues should be covered in PAM or ITI. We should at the very least coordiante with other Domains. We need to at a minimum, examine our Use Cases. Patient Update After Procedure Scheduling

  • Maybe change DSS to Department Workflow Manager
  • Is there enough benefit to this profile to separating the DWM from the OF to warrant the cost of the extra transactions?
  • Should we address the ESS in this profile or in a separately in an ITI profile, order management or scheduling management? Patient Demographic Update by the Technolgist - CHANGED TITLE

  • The technologist would like to trigger a demographic update (changed verbage) - Should this be an extension to PAM? Currently, some sites enter new demographics into images in order to trigger exception handling in the PACS. Some Clinical Data in Electronic Medical Record does NOT reflect the Current Patient - ADDITION

  • Note this is a patient safety flag. Possible mixed data
  • Is this PIR, PAM, or something different
  • Need to flush out this use case better

24.3.24 Order Change Flow

  • Need to include the audit mechanism for order changes

Next Call: August 26 at 2:30CT

  • There will be 2 calls in September on Wednesdays (September 3 (Noon - 2:00pm CT) and September 17 (10:00am - 12:00pm CT) - proposed times)

Radiology Technical Committee