Rad Tech Agenda 2023-05-04

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Attendees: Kevin O'Donnell, Kinson Ho, Wim Corbijn, Antje Schroeder, Steve Nichols, Sean Doyle, TeRhonda McGee, Lynn Felhofer

--> RAD CP Tracking Spreadsheet

(1) Items from F2F meeting:

  • Top ten CPs ready for discussion:
    • CP-RAD-517 NMI Cardiac Option - update to include support of PS (Steve)
      • ===>The committee discussed a better approach to documenting this...grouping with a CPI Image Display
    • CP-RAD-463 Add RDSR Display option in REM (Kevin)
      • ===>The committee reviewed Kevin's most recent updates. Kevin will be removing the 'EMR Extract' option from this CP and put in it into a separate CP. The target is to get this balloted and approved for the next cycle (2024 publication). The CP remains assigned to Kevin.
  • Newly submitted CP-RAD-519 with BIR updates (Steve)
    • ===>Detailed discussion of this CP is deferred to a future call (June or July) to enable taking into account input provided via email to RAD-Tech by David Clunie. Steve will respond to David's note based on preliminary discussion during this CP call.

(2) Process Newly Submitted CPs:

Link to Submitted folder on Google Drive

  • Discussion on the WIA/WIC option for XCA-I

(3) Process Assigned CPs (time permitting):.

link to Assigned folder on Google Drive

  • Top Ten:
    • CP-RAD-257 Clearly add Admitting Diagnosis to SWF for REM and TCE (Kevin)
    • CP-RAD-293 Extended CT Dose Reporting (SSDE and Dose Check Logs) (Kevin)
    • CP-RAD-349 Add close and logout to IID (Andrei)
    • CP-RAD-364 Clarify IID (Andrei)
    • CP-RAD-423 Add specificity to IOCM (Steve)
    • CP-RAD-475 Extensions to RAD-107 for IMR (Kinson)
    • CP-RAD-486 Update RAD-108 Message Semantics (Kinson)
    • CP-RAD-501 WIA – RAD-129 fix in Expected Actions (Steve)
  • Other active CPs:
  • CP-RAD-305-02 - Revise profile dependencies (grouping) in Vol 1)
    • -- cmte input needed* CP-RAD-347-01 - XDS-I Vol 1 clean-up
  • CP-RAD-343-01 - Consistency in specification of PID segment & references to MPI
    • -- a few points for cmte discussion
  • CP-RAD-368-01 - Update/Remove MIMA Referenced in Vol 1 TF (editorial)
    • -- ready for cmte review; could be ready for ballot
  • CP-RAD-436-02 - Fix inconsistencies in IOCM actor / transaction and grouping requirements
    • -- cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-410-03 - XCA-I is out of date for Async
  • CP-RAD-492-01 - Update SNM3 and SRT codes in Vol 2
  • CP-RAD-491-01 - Code Mapping WP update
  • CP-RAD-490-01 - Update Vol 1x to remove retired transport for Submit Dose Information [RAD-63]