Rad Tech Agenda 2021-10-07

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--> RAD CP Tracking Spreadsheet

  • IHE AI in Imaging White Paper
    • Final review and approval to publish

(2) Process Submitted CPs (if any):

Link to Submitted folder on Google Drive

(3) Review active CPs :

Link to "Assigned" folder on Google Drive

  • CP-RAD-462-03 WIA - update out-of-date language
    • cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-343-01 Consistency in specification of PID segment & references to MPI
    • a few points for cmte discussion
  • CP-RAD-368-01 Update/Remove MIMA Referenced in Vol 1 TF
    • ready for cmte review; could be ready for ballot
  • CP-RAD-436-02 Fix inconsistencies in IOCM actor / transaction and grouping requirements
    • cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-457-06 SOLE: update to enable ITI-20 FHIR Feed semantics
    • ready to for cmte to continue review starting on pg 6
  • CP-RAD-305-02 Revise profile dependencies on SWF & PIR given SWF.b (and other dependencies)
    • cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-437-02 New ATNA STX options & updates to XDS-I.b, XCA-I dependencies / mandatory groupings
    • ready for review to cancel
  • CP-RAD-423 Add Specificity to IOCM (Kinson)