Rad Tech Agenda 2021-02-22

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  • Continue work on SOLE CPs related to AI:
    • CP-RAD-457 SOLE: update to enable ITI-20 FHIR Feed semantics (Lynn)
    • CP-RAD-458 SOLE: Add codes for AI and AIW-I (Chris Lindop)
  • Other active Cps:
    • CP-RAD-438 SWF.b – Enterprise Identity Clarification for RAD-14 Matching & Return Keys (Leontiev)
    • CP-RAD-423 Add Specificity to IOCM (Kinson)
    • CP-RAD-453 Clarify Implicit Post-processing Workflow (Steve Nichols)
    • CP-RAD-460 XCA-I Clarify IIG behavior in local community (Lynn)