Rad Tech Agenda 2020-10-01

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  • Review and assign the newly submitted CPs (https://drive.google.com/file/d/10VYCCwLr-JiXToFr-vSNai0oMCMrIgC5/view?usp=sharing)
  • Review Assigned CPs:
    • CP-RAD-410-02 - XCA-I is out of date for Async and template (Lynn)
      • As of Aug 9, next step is for Chris Lindop to do a detailed review of the changes Lynn is proposing.
    • CP-RAD-434-02 - Determine updates to SOLE due to new options/semantics specified in ITI-20 (Lynn) - confirm that changes are ready for ballot
    • CP-RAD-436-03 - IOCM documentation fixes (Kinson) - get feedback on most recent updates
  • Review Assigned SWF.b CPs
    • CP-RAD-438 - SWF.b – Enterprise Identity Clarification for RAD-14 Matching & Return Keys (Andrei)
    • CP-RAD-422 - SWF.b Case 10 clarification
    • CP-RAD-433 - Clarify Discontinuation reason codeset
  • Top Ten Wanted:
    • CP-RAD-224 - Add Document References to MWL (Sippel)
    • CP-RAD-299 - Effect of Rejected Instances on Availability Notification behavior (Ho)
    • CP-RAD-353 - Update RAD-28 to send non-SR-based ORU (Sippel)
    • CP-RAD-354 - Add Billing Transaction (Klaver)
  • Determine Next Top 10 Wanted
  • Other subjects as may be brought up by the group