Rad Plan Minutes 2016-08-24

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  • IHE Radiology Plannning Committee Roster
    • Teri Sippel Schmidt, Karos
    • Mike Bohl, Radiology Group, PC, SC
    • Ben Macerola, Canada Health Infoway
    • Alicia Vasquez, California Medical Business Services
    • Brad Erickson, Mayo Dept. of Radiology
    • Chris Roth, Duke Dept of Radiology
    • David Mendelson, Mount Sinai Dept. of Radiology
    • Tessa Cook, Univeristy of Pennsylvania Dept of Radiology
    • Charles Khan, University of Pennsylvania Dept of Radiology
    • Cezary Klimczak, Leafsprout
    • Chris Melo, Philips
    • Jeff Pohlhammer, Philips
    • David Kwan, Cancer Care Ontario
    • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba
    • Kinson Ho, McKesson
    • Elliot Silver, McKesson
    • Marc Kaemmerer, VISUS
    • David Clunie, PixelMed
    • David Koff, McMaster University
    • Hamid Neshat, Agfa
    • Clive Daniell, South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA)
    • Thomas Pickard, ImageMoverMD
    • Dawn Cram, University of Miami
    • Lynn Felhofer, IHE Radiology Technical Project Manager
    • Chris Carr, RSNA
    • Jamie Kontos, RSNA
    • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


Results of Short List Proposal Ballot - Top SIX will be reviewed by the Technical Committee for time estimation

Click here to view the Ballot results sheet