Rad Plan Minutes 2015-05-11

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  • Alicia Vasquez (California Medical Business Services)
  • Bradley Erickson (RSNA)
  • Chris Carr (RSNA)
  • Chris Lindop (GE Healthcare)
  • David Koff (Canadian Association of Radiologists)
  • David Kwan (Cancer Care Ontario)
  • Elliot Silver (McKesson)
  • Jamie Kontos (RSNA)
  • Jon Zammit (Cancer Care Ontario)
  • Kevin O'Donnell (Toshiba)
  • Kinson Ho (Agfa)
  • Mike Bohl (Radiology Group)
  • Teri Sippel Schmidt (Karos Health)
  • Wim Corbijn (Philips Healthcare)


  1. Discuss proposed profile voting mechanism to be used in Aug 2015 (15 min)
    a. Plan to vote on proposed profile voting mechanism by June 2015 (5 min)
    b. Voting for short list and final list of profiles each year
    c. Complaints – getting new writers/profiles
    d. Clarifications regarding who is a voting member
    i. Defined by IHE Int'l Board
    ii. Description of voting on IHE wiki
    iii. One rep from organizations
    iv. Encourage rotation of radiologists to participate in calls (RSNA/ACR) – their participation is crucial
    v. Get more feedback who are interested/knowledgeable – make clear that org can still vote/participate – reason for alternate contacts
    vi. Letter ballot as opposed to exclusively “live” vote
    1. WebEx discussion needed/necessary to make changes/updates
    a. In-depth discussions are useful to vote upon rather than 5-minute overview
    2. Offline ballot
    a. If you haven’t heard discussion, might be unclear of changes
    b. Forces more thorough writing of profile
    e. Issues with voting
    i. Majorities disenfranchising minorities
    ii. Need to find ways to give minority voters ta voice in voting process
    f. Proposals: Offline voting – 2 things to consider
    i. Determine which voting mechanism to use (Borda, Condorcet, etc.)
    ii. Determine in-person exclusively or include letter ballot in conjunction with tcon discussion
  2. Discuss/approve modifications to profile proposal form (10 min)
    a. Discuss effort estimation process (5 min)
    b. Include comments section
    i. Helps people focus their interests
    c. Changes to long form
    i. Profile editor – if editor has not been through the authoring process, they should be guided through the process – name someone as a “mentor”
    d. Action:Include voting issues on next DCC tcon agenda
  3. Discuss proposed 2015-2016 cycle dates (15 min)
    a. Clarify profile due dates to educate people about the cycle
  4. IHE 2015 International Educational Webinar Series
    a. Topics/presenters identified
    b. Doodle polls sent to presenters to identify dates of webinars
    c. Author dates need to be solidified
    a.Action: Complete IHE International 2015 Educational Webinar Series form by May 22nd