Rad Plan Minutes 2015-05-06

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  • Alicia Vasquez
  • Brad Erickson
  • Chris Carr
  • Chris Lindop
  • David Clunie
  • David Koff
  • David Kwan
  • Elliot Silver
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Jason Nagels
  • Jeff Sunshine
  • Joan McMillen
  • Kinson Ho
  • Mike Bohl
  • Peter Mildenberger
  • Teri Sippel Schmidt
  • Wim Corbijn


Materials available on ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Radiology/iherad-2015/Planning%20Committee/2015.05.06.PC.webex/.

1. IHE International new revenue model – invoices coming out – June 1st a. Review of 2020 Vision Slides (on ftp server) b. Emphasize benefits and distribution of renewal notices (invoices)

2. Strategic directions for next 1-3 years in IHE Radiology

  • Put together slides for recruitment at SIIM and RSNA to outline the following:
    • Strategic direction
      • Define as goals/values/guiding principles
    • High level schedule (dates)
    • Planning and tech committee key meetings
    • Invitation to participate in PC, TC, and Connectathon
  • Proposal to change current process of reviewing/voting on new profile proposals
  • SIIM a likely venue to appropriately advertise Connectathons
  • Consensus strategy to encourage voting
  • Action: Chris Carr and Teri to develop a couple sentences on slides

3. Education and Recruitment

  • No specific IHE sessions at SIIM, instead ask several speakers to use the "IHE Rad promotional slide"
  • Recruitment at SIIM
    • Encouraging SIIM/HIMSS joint work on Enterprise Imaging group to assist with promoting IHE
      • Teri will reach out to joint work group primary contacts; Eliot to provide contact info
    • Who is underrepresented/who are we trying to recruit?
      • 1. In planning cmte – more clinical input to confirm if profiles are truly helpful in the clinical field
      • 2. In tech cmte – Need more people willing to write profiles
        • New profile writers tend to be “outvoted” by tenured writers
      • 3. Any vendor who would like to participate in Connectathons
      • 4. International representation/participation
        • There are several profiles that were not able to be published to Final Text due to lack of testing (Connectathon)
      • Regional participation
        • Participation tends to be US-focused
    • Need to balance international input as well as vendor/clinical input
      • Email ballot could be used to help make participation more inclusive to those who cannot be present on tcons - needs further discussion (next week)

4. RSNA IHE Educational Sessions

  • Review of 4 IHE –related sessions and note any changes in material/objectives/presenters/etc.
    • Course: Interoperability and Integration – from HL7, DICOM, IHE, to SOA
      • Currently only one presenter – Dr. Paul Cheng

5. IHE Int’l 2015 Educational Webinar Series

  • New/updated profiles - presenters
    • WIC (Web-based Image Capture) profile - Kinson
    • CDS in Radiology profile – Mike Bohl/Teri
    • Enterprise Identity Option – Chris L.
    • Remote Reading will not be included (not completed)
  • Webinars to take place from June 1 – September 5, 2015
  • Teri to confirm date with presenters and submit questionnaire