Rad Plan Minutes 2015-01-08

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  • Chris Carr
  • David Clunie
  • David Koff
  • Chris Lindop
  • Joan McMillen
  • Antje Schroeder


  • Review IHE sessions from RSNA 2014:
  • IHE Workflow Efficiency from Acquisition to Report, Sunday 4:00-5:30pm (Erickson, Langlotz, Solomon, Lindop)
  • Monitoring Radiation Exposure, Monday, 10:30 – noon (O’Donnell, McNitt-Gray, Cook)
  • IHE Clinical Solutions for Interoperability, Monday 2:30-4:00pm (Mendelson, Edwards, Chalaoui)
  • Using IHE Profiles for Medical Imaging, Tuesday, 2:30-4:00pm (Mendelson, Ho, Clunie, Lindop)
  • Action Item: RSNA staff to provide attendance and evaluation information. Apparently all sessions reasonably well attended.
  • Plan 2015 sessions
  • Information due to RSNA Refresher Course committee prior to end of January.
  • Propose same basic set of topics/titles, with the following changes:
  • Workflow Efficiency session - Add Decision Support topic; Speakers: Mod: Erickson, Decision Support Editor-TBD, John deLong?; Teri Sippel Schmidt on MRRT/Suppl 155 (redundant with other RSNA reporting session-ask Chuck and Curt); Chris Lindop on Workflow profiles
  • Monitoring Radiology Exposure: Still topic of interest? Well attended. Confirm with Kevin O'Donnell. Speakers: Dr. Koff willing to act as moderator; other speakers the same.
  • IHE Clinical Solutions for Interoperability - Speakers: Mendelson as moderator; look for new case studies/success stories. Internationally? - Remote reading - from Veneto, Italy, Claudio Saccavini; Toronto East Network; UK/Wales, Dave Harvey; Dr. Ando, Japan; Saudi Project, in implementation phase, Charles. Chris Carr to follow up with potential presenters.
  • Using IHE Profiles for Cloud-based Image Sharing - IHE profiles for "cloud" imaging? To cover MHD-I, WIKD, Remote Reading; Speakers: same.
  • HIMSS and SIIM presentation opportunities: RSNA staff to check abstract submission deadlines.
  • Next call to review status: Thurs., Jan. 15, 3-4pm CT

Radiology Planning Committee