Rad Plan Minutes 2013-10-25

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  • Mobile access to Health Documents for Imaging
  • Questions were raised, discussed and recorded in the Proposal about the limited uptake of MHD and how this profile should be positioned
  • A key point will be to maintain focus on specific end-user use cases
  • Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Questions were revisited about the need for at least two vendor viewpoints and at least two regional viewpoints to be represented in the work.
  • Siemens and Philips were still working on recruiting users with tomo experience
  • Progress on the profile is contingent on such participation. The Tech Cmte agenda may need to be set to allow morning T-con participation from Europe.
  • The Maintenance task of trying to cut-paste the existing tech framework (but not do any detail editing) to fit the new IHE TF Template was discussed and will be attempted.
  • The total effort of the three items on the table was within the bandwidth of the TC, however a challenge was raised for each of the two profiles (Mobile Access and Tomo) as to whether work should proceed in light of the issues.
  • A vote was taken to proceed with Mobile Access with a result of 5 in favour and 1 abstention.
  • A vote was taken to proceed with Mammo Tomosynthesis with a result of 5 in favour and 1 abstention.

The Technical Cmte will meet in November to begin work on the three workitems.