Rad Plan Minutes 2009-09-09

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  • Chris L
  • John P
  • Ellie
  • Kevin
  • Kinson
  • Patricia Katzman - Aware
  • Prasada Pyala - Sajix Inc.
  • Chris C


  • TI Profiles
  • Method and targets for promotion
  • Broadcast email
  • General Message: 1) access to demonstrations, 2) HITSP specifications, 3) high-profile projects
  • Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I.b)
  • Canada Health Infoway, success story sites - a couple of deployments live; phasing in XDS-I province by province; some DIRs already set up
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to contact Jose Mussi about developing success stories in Canada; Martin Tiani about deployment in South Africa and Austria
  • Action Item: Contact companies that have previously tested XDS-I and encourage them to adopt updated protocol
  • Basic Image Review (BIR)
  • Extensions to the Portable Data for Imaging (PDI) Integration Profile
  • MR Diffusion Imaging (MDI)
  • CT/MR Perfusion Imaging with Contrast (PIC)
  • Mammography Acquisition Workflow (MAWF)
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM)
  • Nuclear Medicine Image Integration Profile (NMI) with Cardiac Option
  • Image Fusion (FUS) Integration Profile
  • Public Noth American Educational & Demonstration Promotion Channels
    • RSNA - Public Demonstration
      • XDS-I.b
      • REM
    • RSNA -Education
    • HIMSS
    • SIIM
      • SIIM Abstracts closes Sept 11
    • AHRA
    • ASTRO?
    • Other?

Radiology Planning Committee