Rad Plan Minutes 2008-12-02

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Rad Plan/Tech Joint Breakfast Meeting

Dec. 2, 2008


Rm. E270

McCormick Place, Chicago



Demonstration/Communication Feedback

  • Exhibit floor traffic and session attendance reasonably good
  • REM profile potential candidate for 2009 demo
  • Refocus on radiology within radiology department
  • Renew process of gathering Success Stories
  • Provide analysis of financial benefits?
  • Canadian projects have done some analysis focusing on MPPS that suggested limited operational benefits
  • Need specific focus on profiles/scenarios; difficult to generate broadly applicable numbers; have to include before/after analysis
  • Focus on operational efficiency: eg, repeat rate, turnaround time, wait list length (Canada)
  • Operations/management may be more interested in participating than physicians
  • Create rubric for gathering case study information; provide incentives, visibility
  • Develop online presentation/simulation of various IHE profiles/scenarios
  • Acquisition workflow?
  • Is it worthwhile promoting in current environment?
  • Partial, incremental implementations
  • 10+ year old technology
  • Critical in providing good patient information at the start of the chain
  • "Life of an Image" demonstration that covers whole gamut of departmental and cross-enterprise profiles, showing how IHE provides
  • Focus group study of radiologists, referring physicians and operational people to gather feedback on perceptions of IHE, etc. AHRA, RDBMA as source of participants?
  • Face to face meeting? Survey?
  • Focus on before/after, efficiencies achieved
  • Focus on referring physicians?
  • "Revolt" around CDs
  • Online validation software needs to be made more visible
  • ACR refining CD validation software
  • DRG, AMA and other physician organizations have endorsed PDI
  • Reevaluate when new national projects in US are announced: could shift focus strongly to Image Sharing

Profile Development Update

  • Basic Image Review

  • PDI Extensions - DVD, USB, Compression, Encryption, Viewer and Sending Software

  • Enhanced CT/MR Supplement

  • Scheduled Workflow II Use Case and Technology Development

  • XDS-I.b Supplement

Radiology Image Sharing Roadmap

1) Use Case Descriptions

2) Relation to National Projects

3) General ITI Architecture

4) Web Services/SOA Alignment

Next Steps, Meetings and Teleconferences

1) Planning Committee

2) Technical Committee

  • 2008.12.08 1000-1200 T-Con Enhanced CT-MR Supp
  • 2008.12.18 1000-1200 T-Con Enhanced CT-MR Supp
  • 2009.01.06 1000-1200 T-Con HL7 2.5 Review
  • 2009.01.07 1000-1200 T-Con Basic Image Review Supp
  • 2009.01.08 1000-1200 T-Con XDS-I.b Supp
  • 2009.01.09 1000-1200 T-Con PDI Extensions Supp
  • 2009.01.14 1000-1200 T-Con Basic Image Review Supp
  • 2009.01.20 1000-1200 T-Con Enhanced MR-CT Supp
  • 2009.01.27-30 All Day Chicago Prepare Supplements for Public Comment
  • 2009.05.18-21 All Day Chicago Resolve Comments & Prepare Supplements for Trial Implementation

Radiology Planning Committee

Radiology Technical Committee