Rad Plan Agenda 2011-05-04

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IHE Board Representation

  • Term of current representative (Kevin O'Donnell) has expired
    • Committee may choose to re-authorise current representative or select a new one
  • IHE Radiology Domain Report is due
    • Selected representative should prepare

Rad Plan Cochair Election

  • A Current co-chair (Kevin O'Donnell) is long past term limit written into IHE Governance
    • Need to coordinate election of a new co-chair

Profile Status Reviews

XDS Imaging Report Format Divergence

  • A great many variations of imaging report documents are being observed in XDS deployments
    • text, pdf, cda, sr, pdf wrapped in DICOM, pdf wrapped in CDA, etc
    • variations in meta-data

IHE Cardiology Profile Demonstrations

  • IHE Card is considering moving their demonstrations from ACC Conf. to HIMSS and/or RSNA to reach a more receptive audience
    • Does IHE Rad Plan have any suggestions? Should we start coordinating inclusion in the RSNA 2012 demo?

Radiology Planning Committee