Rad Plan Agenda 07.10.24

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Role Call

Proposal Review

  • For each proposal (15 min limit)
    • Review Summary and Tech Cmte Evaluation (<5 min)
    • Advocacy & Discussion (<10 min)

Work Package Nominations

  • Conduct straw poll for "top two" profiles to get broad sense of interest/support.
  • Any voting participant may nominate one or more packages of work
    • A package of work is a list of proposals and maintenance workitems intended to represent the complete work of the Tech Cmte for the year
    • A package will usually total around 100% Tech Cmte Bandwidth (see Evaluation estimates)

(This avoids dealing with situations like the top ranked proposal being 60% effort, the second 60% effort and the third 40% effort; or the first 45%, the second 45%, the third 15%, etc.)


  • Repeat until one Work Package passes 50% of votes
    • Webex poll of nominated work packages
    • Remove bottom scoring packages

Other Business

If time allows:

  • Organize IHE Radiology Domain Application
  • Review preparation for RSNA Classroom presentations