Rad Joint Meeting Agenda 2021-11-30

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Time and Location

Tuesday, November 30, 2:30-3:45pm CST)
Room N128 - North Building, McCormick Place
Zoom sent via Outlook Calendar invitation


  • Introductions
    • Leveraging the IHE Interoperability white paper. Focus on planning and scoping higher priority profiles.
    • Chris Roth to briefly comment on the pending calls with RIC IHE Subcommittee for AI Root Results and IMR.
    • Publicizing the profiles in a consumable way resonating to docs via PubMed (Radiographics?). Consider putting on January RIC retreat agenda and have a proposal as to which profiles we want to better publicize: AIW-I; AIR; CDS-OAT; EBIW; MAP; MRRT; IMR and AI Root Results
  • Recommendation from IHE Rad Tech to approve moving MRRT to Final Text pending 2 actions
  • 1. Kinson will finish 1 page wiki summary page overview
  • 2. Kinson will complete open issues in the supplement or create additional CPs