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* [[User:ubusch | Uli Busch, Varian (Secondary)]]
* [[User:ubusch | Uli Busch, Varian (Secondary)]]
* [[User:jwest | Jeff West, Elekta]]
* [[User:jwest | Jeff West, Elekta]]
* [[Scott Hadley, University of MI, AAPM]]
==Email Distribution List==
==Email Distribution List==

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RO - HIS Communication


This working group of the IHE-RO Technical Committee was formed to determine the necessary communication between a radiation oncology EMR, generally handled by a Treatment Management System (TMS), and a Hospital-based EMR, generally known as a Hospital Information System (HIS).

Within the charter of this group is to gather information on current electronic exchange of information (patient ID, scheduling, billing, and clinical data) as well as clinical needs. It is expected that this group will also need to investigate the need for extensions to the HL7 standard to handle RO concepts.

Current Work

  • Call for Participation Issued: 11/1/2013
  • Discussion - TC Face-to-Face: 02/26/2014
    • What are the use cases? We don't know..
      • Billing would definitely be one.
      • Scheduling? Further analysis...
        • What do the users expect from an RO scheduler?
        • Admission, discharge, referral
        • Checking on patient progress...?
      • Prescription, lab reports (would this include treatment recording?)
        • Likely reports are useful, could be delivered via CDA as a PDF
        • ESI profile has parent order issued from HIS / Child order status updates from TMS
    • Next Steps:
      • Clinical people
        • Where are the hospitals/health orgs spending money to get the integration?
      • HIS Expertise
        • What needs are not currently met with HIS base functions to RO?
      • What is the problem/scope? (see Workflow_Exchange)
        • Feel we need to go to Clinical Advisory / Planning to get feedback, review and rewrite the use case...supply more concrete information.
    • Discussed: Is this a priority?
      • Strong feeling that this is a definite issue in the clinical workflow
      • Not sure if this will be priority from Clinical Advisory / Planning
      • Doing scoping / exploration not a waste of time certainly

Teleconferences and Meetings

Dates and Times are US Eastern Time (New York UTC-0500)

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
Kickoff Meeting/Review of Charter [Agenda]

Working Documents


Email Distribution List


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