RAD Approved CPs

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These CPs have been balloted and approved as Final Text by the IHE Radiology Technical Committee.

Final Text CPs (Not yet integrated)

These CPs are Final Text and are officially "in force" but have not yet been integrated into the currently published Technical Framework or Trial Implementation Supplements.

CP Title Profile TF or Suppl Date
CP-RAD-285 MRRT update HTTP Query Parameters MRRT TI MRRT 2014-04-23

Final Text CPs (Already Integrated)

These CPs are already reflected in the currently published version of the affected Technical Framework Volume or Supplement Documents.

CP Title Profile TF or Suppl Integrated Into
CP-RAD-266 Option description in XDS-I.b point to Vol 2 rather than Vol 3 XDS-I.b RAD TF-1 V12.0