QRPH Tech RPE WG Tcon Minutes 2011-02-11

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  • Mark Arratoon
  • Landen Bain
  • Gary Walker
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • Recap from f2f discussion on RPE. Work with XDW group to better define boundary or intersection.
  • Action: Landen will work with Charles to develop a one page high level understanding of RPE and XDW.
  • Review following CP(s) discussed at f2f this week.
  • These have been uploaded to:
  • The proposed modified (and validated) metadata has been uploaded to:
  • The preliminary modifications used at Connectathon2011 were uploaded to:
  • The metadata released at time of specification was moved to:
  • Action: Put in separate technical document; separate profile.