QRPH Tech Minutes 2016-06-03

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  • Held jointly with ITI Tech
    • Karen W
    • John Moehrke
    • Elliott L
    • Tarik I
    • Ken M
    • Lynn F
  • QRPH Attendees
    • Vijay Shah
    • Lisa Nelson
    • Amit Popat
    • Derek Ritz
    • Nichole Drye-Mayo


  • CP-ITI-VS-ITI-34-Extensions.doc (Vijay Shah) -
    • OUTCOMES: This CP is accepted as CP-ITI-936, assigned to Vijay. The content of the CP was reviewed with a few modifications suggested. The group agreed that outreach to existing Form Managers/Processors is necessary to ensure that the addition of this new optional parameter in a Retrieve Form Request would not break existing implementations. Karen suggested that this outreach occur before the CP is balloted and that the Rationale section be updated with the outcome of the outreach. QRPH TC will take the lead on that. In addition, we discussed adding a profile option to RFD to manage this parameter but we decided that the existing approach (no profile option to reflect support for the optional parameter) was preferable