QRPH Tech Minutes 2016-04-15

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  • IHE QRPH Technical Committee Roster
    • Eric Larson
    • Michelle Williamson
    • Amit Popat
    • Xidong Deng
    • John Eichwald
    • Lisa Nelson
    • Didi Davis
    • Lori Fourquet
    • Lara Tramontan
    • Nichole Drye-Mayo
    • Lura Daussat, Guest


  • EHDI Discussion
  • Confirm the QRPH agenda for April face to face meeting and joint session w/ITI and PCC
  • Michelle and Lori asked that we confirm VRDR will be submitted for Public Comment to Mary Jungers by 5/16 along with the other 3 previously scheduled.
  • IHE International Board Update - Didi Davis
    • Membership continues to increase and now expands into South Africa with the South African Health Informatics Association
    • IHE Switzerland Domain Committee Report
    • IHE World Summit, June 7-8, 2016 in Amsterdam
      • Panel type discussion to help bring other countries in to the know of what's been done and what organizations/countries are leveraging IHE
    • IHE International Board MOU with CDISC and Continua