QRPH Tech Minutes 2015-12-11

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  • Terese Finitzo (Oz Systems)
  • Derek Ritz (ecGroup)
  • Didi Davis (The Sequoia Project)
  • Eric Larson (CDC)
  • Xen Santas (CDC)
  • Lisa Nelson (Life Over Time Solutions, LLC)
  • Amit Popat (Epic)
  • Michelle Williamson (CDC)
  • Xidong Deng (CDC)
  • Lynn Felhofer (Tech Project Manager)
  • Jamie Kontos (RSNA)


  • ICP Whitepaper (Derek/Xen)
  • Need to discuss next steps for public comment and resolution of public comments during holidays
  • Technical section dropped in re: prototyping work for review
  • No significant changes to front matter
  • Section 4 has been fleshed out to include actual content describing engineering approaches and what technical pieces are used in prototyping
  • IHE4ICP Purpose section
  • Changed intended audience to the research community
  • Not an actionable document that describes implementation - points to what further research is needed
  • Addresses how ICPs differentiate from CDS
  • OpenHIE initiative is introduced
  • Concerns/Questions/Feedback
  • Didi asked: Is this white paper being used in Africa?
  • A: No. But it would help in care delivery in Toronto and U.S. in addition to low-middle SES locations
  • Action: Derek to notify Mary J. about when to expect a final text document to publish

  • Not addressed due to time