QRPH Tech Agenda 2011-06-03

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  • Status of Profiles
  • QRPH Early Hearing-loss Care Plan (EHCP)
  • QRPH Quality Measure Execution (QME-EH) - dependent on HL7 QRDA standard
  • QRPH Quality Measure Definition (QMD-EH) – dependent on HL7 HQMF standard
  • QRPH Physician Reporting Public Health-Cancer Registry (PRPH-Ca)
  • QRPH Mother and Child Health (MCH)
  • QRPH Retrieve Process for Execution (RPE)
  • QRPH Clinical Research Document (CRD)
  • QRPH Public Health Reporting (PH-rpt)
  • Final Vote on profiles moving to Public Comment
  • Those voted and approved must meet the 3pm CDT June 3 submission deadline to Didi Davis. Even if approved in final vote this morning, if not submitted by that deadline, will not move forward until the next cycle.